Erika J. Wood is a descendant of Caribbean Influence: Her mother stems from Jamaica and her father, from Barbados. This strong Island upbringing has molded her to be the creative and diverse woman she is today! 

As a youngster, Ms. Wood birthed the zeal for television and music! Her passions for singing, acting, modeling and dancing were shaped through both the church and her community!

As a Public and Cultural Communication’s Graduate from the University of South Florida: She has walked away with a skill of Media Comprehension and Speech Communication. She has studied with David Allen, Marc John Jefferies, Scott Powers Studios, Erica Palgon and Jamie Morgan Brown. 


 Additionally, Erika J. Wood has embarked on furthering her career in Performance : she has had the privilege of working on BET’s ‘Monique Show’ as the Academy Award Winner’s Stand-In (2009-2011). Furthermore, Ms. Wood has also worked with ABC, BET,  Nickelodeon and TPS. Her works are carefully selected because she chooses to portray characters whom are memorably valued. Erika can be seen in  ABC's What Would You Do, MTV's The Kids Aint Alright and Orange Bright. 

Respectfully, she  is a member of NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television) and has added works of Writing, Producing and Directing to her resume.  Erika J. Wood’s career continues to take an unprecedented flight that will be legendary! 

​Erika J. Wood


Actress / Print Model / Singer 

New York City, NY